Why should you buy a home? Basic reality reasoning!

There are many reasons why anyone would want to buy a home. Each of us has our own personal biases and idiosyncratic purpose. However, we all have a basic need to fulfill what is inherent or aligned with our instinct for survival. This brief article states the basic facts of why any adult would want to buy a home. We all know that one of the basic human needs for survival is shelter, but do most of us also know that there are advantages to having a home? It is not just to fulfill a need, there are also economic benefits, healthy benefits, security benefits and etc..

Let's get right to it:

A home is not just a place to sleep. It is an investment of time, money, health, and soul.

You can figure out why or how these things come to play. They all correlate and are dependent upon your reliance on that home. The home makes the world go round.

Health: Relates to rest, relaxation, recovery, sleep, food, etc.

Time: Efficiency and productivity.

Soul: A rested body translates to a rested soul. The more you have things in focus the better you can feed your soul. 

Money: It is like a savings account in a bank. If you maintain, nurture, and improve, you are effectively building equity that secures your wealth.

More about Money;
Today, you buy a home (stability), Spend money to make money (investment)! A home is a property that gains value. A housing property is like planting a seed that will one day grow to become a big tree that will yield fruits. Human life may be limited, but a home is forever. Think of it, because it is forever, it will continue to become an economic advantage. Property values go up. People move, people change, and people grow. As the cycle of life revolves, the cycle of economic benefits continues to provide for you. In short, a home is like having your own bank. You store money and gain from it in time. This is the basic trend of having a home. This is normally what will and can happen. However, because our economy is affected by politics, demographics, population, incomes, jobs and etc., buying a home requires doing it right under the circumstances. Not everyone is equal, which means, we all have our own unique professions and expertise. We each bring our unique abilities to the table. This simply means we cannot be an astronaut, lawyers, and doctors all at the same time. For every move we make in life, we need the right expertise to guide us. We go to a doctor for medical reasons. So we go to a Real Estate Agent to buy Real Estate Properties such as a home.  A Real Estate Agent is a State License approved representative to help you buy or sell real estate properties. Your best friend in finding or selling a home is a Real Estate Agent. The term Realtor is a higher designation for a Real Estate Agent sanctioned by the National Real Estate Association NAR. NAR dictates and enforced our Code of Ethics. A Realtor goes by a strict code of professional conduct. So rest assured you are in good hands. Our actions are based on the rules, regulations, and laws of business conduct guided and monitored by NAR and TREC Texas Real Estate Commission. A Realtor has your best interest at heart!

A Home is a Huge Investment and a Realtor will be your best friend.

As a Realtor, I am here to help you. Reach out to me anytime when you are ready to start buying a home. Reach out to me by text, email, or by calling me. To ensure I don't miss your call please do all three ways to reach me. I will be happy to help you in any way good and legal.

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